Coolant Cleaning and Recycling

Coolant Cleaning and Recycling

Remove chips, surface oils and emulsified oils from cutting fluids and waste water.

Lifting Magnets

Lifting Magnets

Easily lift and position steel plate, sheets, billets, bars or cast iron fabrications.

High Speed Machining

High Performance Machining

Cutting tools and toolholders to maximize productivity


Metal Working Solutions

Metal Working Solutions, with coverage in Texas, Oklahoma, Louisiana and Arkansas, supports all aspects of the metalworking industry, providing techinical sales representation for manufacturers of cutting tools , work and tool holding devices, machine tool accessories, quality control gages, coolant cleaners, coolant & fluid recycling equipment, lifting magnets and magnetic conveyors.

Our Mission "Maximum Error Free Production"

    • Apply the products from our manuacturers to:
    • Solve Problems
    • Reduce Cost
    • Improve Safety
    • Improve Performance and Qaulity
    • Improve the Enviorment
    • Manage Inventory
    • Support our Distribution
    • Train both Distributors and Customers



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Safety Training for Lifting Magnets

Eriez Lifting Magnets offer an efficient and safe method for lifting flat steel plates and steel rounds. Safe application of a lifting magnet…

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Coolant Filtering and Recycling

Eriez Hydroflow is an industry leader in fluid recycling and filtration.

The MWS Coolant Recycling Training covers all aspects of coolant…

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Fixed Limit Gage Seminar

Vermont Gage offers a full line of Fixed Limit Gages and is ISO 17025 Certified.

The MWS Gage Seminar for inspection and operators covers:


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“Pick and Tool – Pick a Holder” for High Speed/High Performance Machining

What Criteria do you use in selecting the best Cutting Tool and Tool Holder for High…

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World of Diamonds for Machining Non-Metallic Materials

As more products, from automobiles to aircraft, move to NON-Metallic materials, the challenges of choosing the proper…

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