Alvord-Polk offers standard and special aircraft quality HSS, Cobalt, and Carbide reamers and tooling, straight shank and threaded shank.
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Special Reamers, Core Drills, Counterbores, Countersinks

High-Speed Steel & Carbide


High Speed Steel, Cobalt and Carbide Reamers are USA manufactured to Aircraft specifications or your specifications from one of our online prints or one of your own.

Core Drills

High Speed Steel Core Drills are now stocked as Standards. Specials in HSS and also Carbide available upon request.


High Speed Steel Capscrew Counterbores and Aircraft Counterbores can be designed to your individual specifications.


High Speed Steel Countersinks can be manufactured to your special requirements or refer to an airframe or automotive print.

Special Overruns

High Speed Steel & Cobalt Tooling made to print and stored in Alvord-Polk Tool's Overruns Inventory.

Threaded Shank Aircraft Tools

Create custom threaded shank reamers and threaded shank core drills to your exact specifications. Then submit your request to Alvord-Polk for final pricing and fulfillment.


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