Crystallume specializes in CVD Diamond coated tools for machining non metallic materials. Our coating expertise covers the range of...
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Solving Customer Problems with CVD Diamond Technology

Founded in 1984, Crystallume pioneered the development and application of Chemical Vapor Deposition (CVD) diamond technology. Since then, Crystallume's coating experts have become specialists at solving customer problems with diamond technology.

Pure Diamond - Grown from Methane Gas

The DCC® (Diamond Coated Carbide) technology developed by Crystallume in 1992 produces continuous diamond coating with all the extreme chemical and physical properties of natural and high-pressure high temperature (HPHT) synthetic diamond. It is essentially pure diamond that is grown from methane gas. This diamond coating of intergrown diamond microcrystallites with no binder is deposited by proprietary chemical vapor depository technology. It is superior to other alternative coatings like DLC, PCD and Plated Diamond.

Available Crystallume Coatings

ThunderBolt - P47 Series

Our thinnest diamond coating is only 2 to 4 microns thick and gives up tool life - forextreme edge sharpness. This coating is only available on end mills smaller than 1/4" in diameter.

Lightning - P38 Series

Lightning is a diamond coating that is between ThunderBolt and Standard Premium in thickness. This coating gives up tool life due to reduced thickness - for lower cost. For reference, it is approximately 8 to 12 microns on a 1/4" end mill.

Standard Premium

Standard Premium is our original and the most versatile coating thickness. For reference, it is approximately 18 to 20 microns thick on 1/4" and larger diameter tools. This is our best general purpose coating and is available on all products - end mills, drills, inserts and as a toll coating.

Standard Premium Plus

Standard Premium Plus (also known as Milkshake Coating) is available as special order. This coating can be as thick as 30 microns for use in severe and extremely abrasive applications. This coating is available on end mills, drills, inserts and as a toll coating.

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