RobbJack manufactures premium solid carbide rotary cutting tools for hi performance machining of mettallic (metals) and non metallic (plastics and composite) materials. Hi Performance machining begins with the selection of the best tool available (Robb Jack's Tool Selector Guide) and applying the correct macnining parameters (Robb Jack's Speed and Feed Calculator), both availabe at
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End Mills

Premium end mills are a combination of the best carbide substrate and tool geometry design specifically for the material and process to be machined. Most standard end mills can be easily be modified to meet the demands of the application, however, Robb Jack is known for developing special tools when performance and application demand it.

Robb Jacks full line is available in both inch and metric.

Robb Jack's in house PVD coating capabilites over TiN, TiCN, TiAln, AlTin, and DLC (diamond like coating) for all tools.


Robb Jack's routers for aluminum, plastics, and composites in single and 2 flute tools in both "up shear" and "down shear" configurations. The Compression tool allows for high performance routing of composites in wood and aricraft composites.

PCD specifcally designed for CFRP materials, available in a "flat bottom" 118 deg drill/mill, and ball nose tools.


PCD Drills for aircraft composite materials are available in a 118 deg 4 facet, 118 deg 8 facet, 135 deg 8 facet and eliptical points.


Robb Jack inventories semi finished saw blanks from.002 to .250 thickness, from 3/4" to 4" diameter, in a coarse and fine tooth series, to allow quick delivery on any width or modifications.

Saw arbors are specifically manufacturer for carbide saws.

Miniature End Mills

Robb Jack is know leader in miniature end mills from .010 to .062 diameter (and metric) , 2 flute, 4 flute, Ball Nose.

PVD Coatings

Robb Jack's in house coating facitility offers thin film coating service to it's customers re-grind tools as well as custom made parts. Medical and Dental instruments, racing engine components, and wide variety of applications that require a hard lubricity of cosmetic surface.

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