Lifting Magnets

Safety Training for Lifting Magnets

Eriez Lifting Magnets offer an efficient and safe method for lifting flat steel plates and steel rounds. Safe application of a lifting magnet requires operators to fully understand the fundamentals of:

  • Different types of magnets – permanent and electric
  • Factors in choosing the right magnet for the job
  • Understanding magnet fundamentals
  • Materials to be lifted – length, width, thickness
  • Safety concerns when using a Lifting Magnet
  • Inspection, Testing, Maintenance, and Certification (ASME B30.20-2003)


Coolant Filtration

Coolant Filtering and Recycling

Eriez Hydroflow is an industry leader in fluid recycling and filtration.

The MWS Coolant Recycling Training covers all aspects of coolant maintenance saving you thousands of dollars.

  • Removing solids from the sump
  • Removing suspended solids
  • Removing tramp oils
  • Removing emulsified oils
  • Performing all of these processes and maintaining machine up time while reducing labor, and eliminating disposal cost


Gage Seminar

Fixed Limit Gage Seminar

Vermont Gage offers a full line of Fixed Limit Gages and is ISO 17025 Certified.

The MWS Gage Seminar for inspection and operators covers:

  • “Fixed Limit Gages” vs Measurement Gages defined
  • Types of Gages
  • Selection and Application
  • Go & No Go Principals
  • Classes of Fit for thread gages
  • Proper Care and Use of Gages


Cutting Tool

“Pick and Tool – Pick a Holder” for High Speed/High Performance Machining

What Criteria do you use in selecting the best Cutting Tool and Tool Holder for High Speed and Hi Performance?

MWS, with almost 40 years of experience, explains the factors for selecting the best tool coupled with the best tool holder for maximum performance:

  • High Speed/Hi Performance defined, relative to the material being machined and the machine tool being used.
  • The dynamics of machining change as you move up the high speed/high performance ladder
  • A review of tool holders and the key role they play 
  • How to reduce chatter and harmonics
  • How to prevent tool pull out
  • CNC programing techniques for high speed/hi performance machining
  • The role coolant plays in high speed machining


Diamond Machining

World of Diamonds for Machining Non-Metallic Materials

As more products, from automobiles to aircraft, move to NON-Metallic materials, the challenges of choosing the proper tools for machining these materials becomes more confusing as no two materials are alike. Several of MWS manufacturers offer diamond tools for a wide variety of applications, but an understanding of the fundamentals of diamonds is crucial to selecting the best tool for the application and material.

This seminar includes:

  • History of diamonds in non-metallic machining
  • The characteristics of diamonds that the cutting tool of choice
  • PCD Diamond
  • Diamond impregnated or platted tools
  • Diamond coatings
  • Difference between true diamond coating and diamond-like coating
  • Diamond tool geometries, advantages and disadvantages
  • Which diamond tools perform best with certain non-metallic materials